My research path started three years before the bachelor in the field of automation engineering. I used to study the control of discrete events dynamic systems and I had a lot of fun playing with the Lego Mindstorms as DEDs. After the bachelor in management engineering I’ve been studying for a while a dynamic approach to the optimization of collaborative systems in the field of supply network management/distributed production systems. When I realized that it was a bit arid and meaningless for me to keep doing research in this direction, just for the sake of applying a mathematical model, I discovered that collaborative systems can be studied with a different approach: in the former case the main issue was “how can coordinate with my commercial partner without sharing crucial information about myself”. In the new approach the issue is “I want to share information with my peers because I know it’s better for everyone and I want to build an organization system which is open enough and inclusive enough to produce something in a peer-collaborative way”. The two paradigms are totally different and the latter is still emerging and not yet suitable for optimization studies. Then I started with the observation of how one of these systems – whose aim is to peer-produce a movie – is working, evolving, adjusting, shaping itself.

Working papers and conferences

Cassarino, A. Geuna, Remixing Cinema: the case of the Brighton A Swarm of Angels, SPRU Working Paper Series, December 2007

Cassarino, A. Geuna, Distributed film production: Artistic experimentation or feasible alternative? The case of ‘A Swarm of Angels’, Report realized for the Oxford Internet Institute within the research program Performance of Distributed Problem Solving Networks, September 07 – February 08.

Cassarino, W. Richter, Swarm creativity – The legal and organizational challenges of open content film production, for the DIME International Conference “The creative industries and Intellectual Property“, London, May 22-23 2008. Also included in the DIME Working Paper series on Intellectual Property Rights.

Other stuff

Cassarino, Creatività, Design, Innovazione – prima mappa di riferimento, 2006, bozza di lavoro


2 responses to “Research

  1. Very interesting blog, as well as Kashklash!! Complimenti!!! Non ho capito bene dove studi, ma anche io sono interessato all’argomento di open source/open innovation (del come cambia le pratiche del design), quindi teniamoci in contatto

  2. irenecassarino

    Al Politecnico di Torino (mi era sfuggito il messaggio!) 🙂

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